Verify Invoice

Verifica XML

It is a solution for the massive validation of invoices, through a webservice request performs the technical verification of the XML according to the specifications of the SAT, generates the PDF and query to the SAT that it was previously sent by a PAC.

Verify XML is focused on those companies that receive a high volume of digital documents and need to carry out their technical validation. The Buzón E service guarantees 100% the authenticity of the invoices that you receive and deliver to the SAT, avoiding the risk of being sanctioned  for delivering false or erroneous invoices.


Revisión masiva de documentos.

Mass review of documents.

Fácil integración de su ERP o sitio Web con nuestros sistemas.

Easy integration of your ERP or website with our systems.

Validación de la autenticidad de los CFDIs.

Validation of the authenticity of the invoices.

Respuestas inmediatas.

Immediate responses.

Revisión de XML de cualquier PAC.

XML review of any PAC.

Velocidad de procesamiento

Processing speed, up to 110 reviews per second.

Eficiencia, mayor productividad y rentabilidad.

Efficiency, higher productivity and profitability.

Basta un acceso

All you need is Internet access from any computer, without the need to install additional software or hardware.

Seguridad de poder deducir sus comprobantes.

Security of being able to deduct your receipts.

Disponibilidad inmediata de documentos para trámites.

Immediate availability of documents for procedures.

What services does it include?
(Webservice verification)

The solution includes 3 services that you can use in a single Webservice request:
  • Verification of invoices: Validate that the invoices received are correct and comply 100% with what is specified in Annex 20 of the SAT.
  • Consult the SAT: Validate if the SAT previously received the invoice from an authorized PAC.
  • PDF Generation: Generate the printed representation of the CFDI that you indicate.

Implications of not verifying your invoices

  • Delays and inefficient processes.
  • Poor and slow vendor service.
  • In case of non-compliance, the Federal Tax Code mentions penalties of 3 months to 9 years in prison for tax fraud in its articles 108 and 109.


Scope of Verify XML

Secure communication channel to verify your invoices.
Technical review of the invoices received according to the current regulation by the SAT.
Consultation of invoices received by the SAT.
Generation of standard print representation (PDF).
Invoice cancellation service through webservice.


Learn in detail how to review invoices and validate them with our Verify XML solution, download our brochure in PDF format, with detailed information on all processes.

Brochure Buzón E

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