Accounting XML

Contabilidad XML

A solution that simplifies the processes of generating Electronic Accounting according to Annex 24 published by the SAT, through an integral platform that allows the issuance of the Catalog of Accounts, Trial Balance, policies, auxiliary folios and accounts.

Buzón E's Electronic Accounting service will allow you to deliver your documents required by the SAT in invoice format in accordance with current regulations easily, safely and in a friendly web portal.


Cumplimiento al 100% con las disposiciones fiscales.

100% compliance with tax provisions.

Facilidad de uso.

Easy to use.

Creación de XML y PDF ilimitados.

Unlimited XML and PDF creation.

Sin límite de pólizas procesadas.

Unlimited policies processed.

Plataforma multiusuarios.

Multi-user platform.

Relación de los folios fiscales con las pólizas.

Reference of the invoices with the policies.


No investment in hardware or software, or licensing costs.

What documents must be sent?

• Chart of accounts
• Trial Balance
• Policies
• Accounts Clerk
• Policy Assistant

What are the implications for not delivering Electronic Accounting?

In case of non-compliance, the Federal Tax Code (CFF) mentions the following sanctions (Amounts in Mexican pesos):

Between $ 260 and $ 11,960 of penalty for taxpayers who do not keep their Accounting (article 84); that do not have any special book or record of income and expenses required by law. Likewise, taxpayers will also be worthy of sanction if the Accounting is found in a different way or in different places than those established; if they do not make the accounting entries corresponding to the operations carried out or make them incomplete, inaccurate or outside the respective deadlines; and if they do not keep the accounting at the disposal of the authorities for the established period.

Scope of Accounting XML

Issuance of your accounting through an intuitive and friendly web portal.
Generation of text files according to Annex 24.
Loading module and linking UUID with accounting policies.
Consultation of documents.
Safekeeping of electronic accounting reports.


Download our brochure with detailed information about our solution and how to issue policies, trial balances and other electronic accounting documents according to the Federal Tax Code.

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