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Cancela XML

Cancela XML is an Buzón E service where our clients can mass cancel their invoices and download their cancellation report. The process is done quickly and easily through requests by Webservice.


Cancelación de CFDIs de otros PACs

Cancellation of invoices from other "PACs"

Cancelación de comprobantes en tiempo real ante el SAT.

Cancellation of receipts in real time before the SAT

Cancelación de facturas de meses anteriores.

Cancellation of invoices from previous months

Acuse de cancelación.

Cancellation report

Sin necesidad de software o hardware adicional.

No need for additional software or hardware

Respuestas inmediatas.

Immediate responses



Alcances de Cancela XML

Carga tu XML.
Cancellation of invoices through a secure and fast platform
Ingresa la información de tu Addenda.
Technical review of the invoices to be canceled
Guarda y envía la factura a tu cliente.
Report of canceled invoices
Carga tu XML.
Training in the use of the online service


Download our brochure with detailed and simple information about our solution and how to massively cancel invoices in real time and with cancellation acknowledgment.

Brochure Buzón E

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