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Have the certainty of knowing your state of fiscal integrity and access the relevant information for the decision-making of senior executives

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Current problems of companies:

Problema actual

Ignorance of what the SAT sees VS what your company has.

Problema actual

Lack of management visibility of the current situation of your company.

Problema actual

Penalties for non-compliance.

Problema actual

Potential audits or invitation letters from the authority.

Problema actual

Economic and commercial impact.

Problemáticas actuales
Obtenga su radiografía fiscal

How does it works?

With BE Consulting Fiscal Check you will be able to automate the centralization and analysis of your information for the generation of your fiscal X-ray and download your complete diagnosis with monthly and annual details.

What does your tax X-ray include?

Revisión de CSD, E-Firma y Opinión de cumplimineto

CSD Review, E-Signature and Compliance Opinion

Revisión de contribuyente y asociados en lista negra 69 y 69-B

Taxpayer and Associate Review Blacklisted 69 and 69-B

Cumplimiento en la presentación de declaraciones anuales y mensuales

Compliance in the presentation of annual and monthly declarations

Facturación cancelada

Invoices canceled

Diferencia entre ingresos facturados vs. declaración mensual

Difference between income invoices vs. monthly statement

Diferencia entre ingresos facturados vs. declaración anual

Difference between income invoices vs. annual statement

Comparativos de elementos sujetos a auditoría por la autoridad

Comparisons of elements subject to audit by the authority

Perfil fiscal - Facturación global

Tax Profile / Global Invoices


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