Payroll XML

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Payroll XML is a solution that easily and immediately generates and delivers payroll receipts in invoice format to comply with current tax regulations. In addition, it ensures that employees receive their vouchers and seeks their agreement.

Business benefits

Generación de recibos

Generation of receipts in accordance with current regulations.

Cumplimiento normativo

Regulatory compliance with guarantee against tax changes.

Buzón de entrega asegurada y directa: sin SPAM ni virus.

Direct and secured delivery mailbox: no SPAM or viruses.

Mayor eficiencia, productividad y rentabilidad.

Greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Simplificación de procesos administrativos y reducción en tiempos de entrega.

Simplification of administrative processes and reduction in delivery times.

Reportes en línea de recepción y /o conformidad de empleados.

Online reports of receipt and / or compliance of employees.


Improved communication and service to employees.

Employee benefits

Acuse de recibo

Online acknowledgment of receipt and compliance that replaces the autograph signature.


Generation of own electronic mailbox with username and password.


Personalized, confidential and non-transferable information.


No cost and no need for additional software.


Consultation of documents in a web portal from any computer equipment (personal, office or internet cafe).


Immediate availability of receipts, own administration and archive.

Scope of Payroll XML

Generation of payroll receipts through a safe and reliable means.
Standard printed representation.
Distribution of payroll receipts to your collaborators through receiving accounts with Mi Buzón E.
Web portal to view and check previously issued receipts.
Web portal for the collaborator to perform the consultation and unitary download of their payroll receipts.


Download our brochure with detailed and simple information about our solution and how to generate payroll receipts, deliver them and improve communication with your work team.

Brochure Buzón E

There are many things you can do with Payroll XML

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