Financial portal

Portal financiero

Control your entire community of suppliers in a single portal, receive their invoices and make sure they are 100% deductible

Financial portal allows the registration and publication of purchase orders, warehouse entry receipts, invoice registration and publication of payment notices.


Print and download your documents through multiple filters
Receipt of invoices, credit notes and payment complements
Carry out tax and commercial validations automatically
Multi-company solution

We automate and optimize your manual processes of:

Registration and publication of purchase orders.
Warehouse entry receipts.
Electronic invoice registration.
Publication of payment notices.
Confidentiality in the handling of your information (ISO 27001)


For more information download our brochure, get to know the Financial Portal and start managing and controlling your supplier community from a single portal.

Brochure Buzón E

Take control of your invoices and business documents with the Financial Portal