Connection BE

Conexión BE

It is a solution to facilitate the invoice management process of your suppliers or other business partners, in which Buzón E enables a secure communication channel so that you can receive and validate your tax receipts.

With the Connection BE portal you will have the assurance that the invoices you receive from your suppliers are 100% safe and reliable, adhering to SAT regulations.


Portal intuitivo, sencillo y seguro.

Intuitive, simple and secure portal.


Immediate responses.


Faster and safer searches of your invoices.


In a single screen: Upload XML, PDF evidence and add references (addendum type), which help to easily identify your invoices.


Instant verification of taxpayer status in the LCO and verification of delivery of invoices to the authority.


Validate, print, send or download vouchers instantly.


Improved customer-supplier communication and sending personalized messages by chat-type invoice.


Generate graphs by amount, status of invoices, suppliers, among others.


All you need is Internet access from any computer equipment, without the need to install additional software or hardware.

Scope of Connection BE

We provide a secure communication channel to review and deliver the invoice (XML) for your suppliers through the Mi Buzón E portal.
  • Your suppliers will be able to upload their vouchers accompanied by a single or multiple evidence (PDF).
  • Technical review of the invoices received according to the current regulation by the SAT.
  • Mass download, display of status and invoices delivered.
Secure communication channel for consulting invoices (XML) delivered from your suppliers through the Mi Buzón E portal.
  • Consult and download the receipts delivered from your suppliers.
  • Voucher report on screen.
  • Management of customizable voucher folders.
  • Label and reference field management.


For more information download our brochure, learn how to receive invoices, validate them and other operations of the Connection BE.

Brochure Buzón E

Take control of your invoices with Connection BE

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