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18 years of experience and leadership support us

At Buzón E we have the technological infrastructure to automate the generation and delivery of electronic documents to help companies, individuals and SMEs to optimize and automate their current business flows, reducing costs and operating times.

Buzón E

We are leaders in electronic invoicing and technological financial solutions, always in compliance with current regulations under a high security and confidentiality scheme, backed by a robust technological infrastructure that allows us to have high quality standards in our services.

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To provide you with a service with secure solutions, we guide our actions through the following service values:
  • Security of the information.
  • Innovative and updated technological solutions.
  • Information availability through a simple interface.
  • Confidentiality and reliability of data.
  • Environmental responsibility.

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Our services are eco-friendly, offering fully digital and easy-to-use systems, our clients free themselves from paper and increase the efficiency of their business processes.

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What do we do?

At Buzón E we have a wide catalog of business solutions that adapt to your needs.

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What our clients say

… We take advantage of technology to save time, human resources and costs when generating electronic payroll receipts. The truth is that it is a very simple application, the process is very fast: in less than 10 minutes we carry out the payroll process. The transition was very agile and the response in the administrative processes significantly reduced our time.


Corporate Payroll Manager.


The quality of the services that we put at your disposal are the result of synergies with leading companies in their field. Here you can find out who they are and their involvement with us.

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