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Timbra XML

Stamping is a process by which Buzón E, as an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC), places the digital seal on an XML document, valid to convert it into an invoice. This seal gives tax validity before the SAT.

Stamp XML Plus is a solution focused on companies that have the ability to generate their XML files and need a high-volume, high-availability stamp service to validate their tax receipts before the authorities.


Hasta 200 timbres por segundo.

Up to 200 stamps per second.


Safe and reliable platform.

Respuestas inmediatas.

Immediate responses.

Cancelaciones masivas por medio de un webservice.

Massive cancellations through a webservice.

Total interacción de servicios hacia sus sistemas vía webservice.

Total interaction of services to your systems through a webservice.

Proceso integrado y probado.

Integrated and proven process.


Efficiency in processes, higher productivity and profitability.

Scope of Stamp XML

Stamping of your tax receipts through webservice.
Technical review of the received XML.
Delivery of error reports.
Cancellation of vouchers through webservice.


Download our brochure with detailed information about our solution and how to stamp or place digital stamps on a high volume of documents.

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