About us


Buzón E® es una empresa mexicana filial de Grupo Estafeta enfocada en automatizar y optimizar procesos de negocio (BPM) y procesos de intercambio de documentos electrónicos fiscales y no fiscales para ayudar a las empresas a mejorar su comunicación, elevar su productividad y ser más rentables al integrarse a una comunidad por un Mundo sin papel.

Buzón E® is a Mexican subsidiary of Grupo Estafeta, focused on automating and optimizing business processes (BPM) and processes which involve the exchange of tax and non-tax electronic documents in order to help companies improve their communication, productivity and become more profitable by joining a world paperless community.

Evolve to digitalization!

All our processes and services are carried out under a scheme of high security, confidentiality, accessibility and reliability.

13 years building a Paperless World!

Why choosing Buzón E®?

¿Por qué Buzón E®?

In Buzón E® we are dedicated to providing valuable technological solutions to help you optimize processes of generation, reception and delivery of CFDI's or other electronic documents. Our services are focused on implementing processes for operational efficiency of our customers through a flexible and reliable operating platform.

With us, you are guaranteed the optimization of your current processes once they have been automated by Buzon E® technological platform.