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13 years of experience and leadership endorse us



13 años de experiencia y liderazgo nos respaldan

Buzón E® is a subsidiary of Estafeta. Since 2002, it has established itself as the leader in the service of exchanging digital documents and business automation workflow, always providing technological solutions under a scheme of high security, confidentiality, availability and integrity of information.

13 years of experience and leadership endorse us


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Service Values

Valores de Servicio

In order to provide the safest and most satisfactory solutions, we guide our actions in service along with the following core values:

  • Security and integrity of information
  • New and innovative technological solutions
  • Availability of information through a simple interface
  • Confidentiality and data reliability
  • Environmental Responsibility

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A World Without Paper

Un Mundo Sin Papel

Our services are ecofriendly. By offering fully digital and easy-to-use systems, our customers are released from paper usage, and they increase the efficiency of the processes of generation and delivery of CFDI's and other electronic documents.


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What do we do?

In Buzón E®, we have a wide range of business solutions to fit all your needs.

Conexión Buzón E®
Buzón E® Connection

New reception and verification portal of tax receipts, created to carry out the management of documents delivered by your suppliers.

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Genera XML
XML Generation

Complete issuance of tax receipts which includes, issuing, storage and delivery of your CFDI's.

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Timbra XML
XML Stamping

A solution that allows the integration of our systems with your ERP for validation and certification of your XMLs.

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Verifica XML
XML Verification

A solution that allows you to check the accuracy and validity of the tax bills that your suppliers deliver.

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Capital Humano
Human capital

Easy, safe and quick issuance and delivery of pay slips to your employees.

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Genera XML-Retenciones
XML Generation - Withholdings

A service which will generate your withholding documents in a CFDI format, according to SAT regulations.

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Contabilidad XML
XML Accounting

A portal for you electronic accounting,from single CSV o TXT reports convert in an compliance  XML ready to upload in the SAT.

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BPMS Solutions
BPMS Solutions

It is a solution to automate business processes through the use of new information technologies in order to improve operational efficiency of enterprises , reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of processes

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Proofs we operate with

Credit Notes
Debit Memos
Receipt for honorary fees
Lease Receipts
Transport Documents
Donations Receipts
Bank Statements
Payroll Receipts
Withholding Records

How do we do it?


En Buzón E® contamos con la infraestructura tecnológica para automatizar procesos de generación y entrega de documentos electrónicos

In Buzón E®, we have the technological infrastructure to automate the generation and delivery processes of electronic documents in order to help businesses, individuals and SMEs, so they may optimize and automate their current business flow, reducing costs and operating times.


Our Solutions

What our customers say...

Our innovative solutions and quality of services are unmatched. Our customers confirm it:


The quality of the services we offer are the result of synergies with leading companies in their field. Here you can find out who they are and their association with us.

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